Praia do Pinho

Praia do Pinho


Located in the city of Balneário Camboriú - SC, about 80 km from the Capital Florianopolis, Pinho Beach is considered the first naturist beach in Brazil. It also is recognized for its natural beauty and philosophy of life of people who go there.

Pinho Beach offers Inn, Camping and bars to welcome you naturist, who enjoys the natural beauty of the Atlantic Forest and its wonderful beach.

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These prices are valid from 2016-05-02 to 2016-09-30 and from 2015-MAR-01 to 2015-MAI-02 - THIS TABLE IS NOT VALID IN THE PERIODS OF HOLIDAYS.
Flat................ R$ 190,00 daily per couple
Apartment with bathroom, Kitchen, TV and Air Conditioner
Apartment Lux..... R$ 150,00 daily per couple
Apartment with bathroom, Frigobar and TV.
Apartment Simple.. R$ 130,00 daily per couple
Apartment with bathroom and TV
Cabin - apart. with air R$ 150,00 daily per couple
Apartment with bathroom, Frigobar, TV and Air Conditioner
Chalet.............. R$ 100,00 daily per couple
Simple bedroom with no bathroom and no TV
There is a kitchen with stove, fridge and sink available for those lodging in the Inn
Camping with electrical, bathroom, hot showers, common use kitchen (Tables, seats and BBQs)
Camping............. R$ 80,00 daily per couple
Motorhome........... R$ 110,00 daily per couple
Camping .......... R$ 60,00 daily for a person

DAY-USE - Time limit of stay until 20h
Visitors - day use R$ 25,00 daily per couple
Couple with vehicle

Car................. R$ 15,00
Motorcycle.......... R$ 8,00

These fees are charged for the maintenance of the area and those who come to the private entrance have to pay it. However, there's a public entrance where it's not necessary to pay the fee.
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Avenida Rodesindo Pavan, 5795 - Balneário Camboriú - SC - Brasil
CEP: 88334-000 - (47) 3169 1164 - (47) 9282 3136