Praia do Pinho - Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

These standards were approved by FBrN (Brazilian Federation of Naturism) at the Assembléia Extraordinária number 3 (three) conducted on December 7th 1996, at Sítio Ibatiporã, in Porto Feliz/SP.

I – SERIOUS MISCONDUCT: The conducts listed below, with a degree of intensity examined by the Deliberative Council of Clubs in the first instance, and by the Higher Council FBrN in the second and last instance, are grounds for expulsion of its agents of Pinho Beach and Tourist Facilities, the FBrN affiliated entities.

I.1. - Have sexually overt behavior and/or acts of a sexual nature in public areas. 

I.2. - Practice physical violence as means of aggression against others.

I.3. - Use of fraudulent means to gain advantage for themselves or others.

I.4. - Port or use illegal drugs.

I.5. - Cause damage to public image of Naturism or Pinho Beach.

II – INADEQUATE BEHAVIOR: The behavior listed below with degree of intensity and recidivism examined by the Council as referred to in Item I, as grounds for warning, suspension and expulsion by Pinho Beach personnel and Tourist Facilities Pinho Beach, the FBrN affiliated entities.

II. 1 - To contribute to the discord through inconvenient proposals with a sexual connotation. 

II. 2 - Taking pictures, recording or film other naturists without their permission. 

II. 3 - Using audio equipment in high volume that can interfere with the peace of others, and disrespect the time of silence regulated.

II. 4 - Causing embarrassment by inappropriate attitudes.

II. 5 - Behave in a disrespectful or discriminatory way to the other naturists or visitors.

II. 6 – Leave garbage in inappropriate places. 

II. 7 - Cause damage to flora and fauna, or the image of the Naturism at Pinho Beach. 

II. 8 – Make physiological needs in inappropriate areas, or exceed in the intake of alcohol, causing embarrassment to other naturists.

II. 9 – Use seats of common use without proper hygienic protection.

This Code of Ethics was approved by the directors of the NGO Naturistas Praia do Pinho in 2007, department that were in charge of overseeing naturism at Pinho Beach at the time.

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