Praia do Pinho - Rules of the Inn

Rules of the Inn

Check-In and Check-Out

• Check-in from 13:30 o´clock

• Check-out until 12:00 o´clock

• Children under 10 do not pay

• Children over 10 pay full rate

• Breakfast is not included in daily rates



• Reservations may be made by phone, email or directly in the complex.

• We recommend that in periods of low season, the reservation is made at least 20 days in advance. As for the high season and holidays, we advise that the anticipation of the reservation is of at least 2 months.

• In order to have the confirmation of the booking, 100% of the total daily fee must be made in a bank account provided by the complex.

Cancellation of Reservations
• Cancellation of reservations made 30 days before the scheduled date of entry, a fine of an amount equal to 1 day is paid, you can choose between the refund, (if any) or credit transfer to another date.

• Cancellation of reservations made at least 30 days before the scheduled date of entry, a fine of an amount equal to 3 days is paid. The balance, if any, shall be transferred as credit toward another date.

• If you withdraw during the stay (departure before the scheduled date), no refund or transfer of value on credit.

• You can not cancel confirmed bookings for periods of New Year and Carnival.


• Apartment cleaning will be done daily. It is necessary that the guest  leave the key at reception.

• Every two days we will change the entire outfit or in case of check out. If you want to reuse the towels and so help the environment,  leave them hanging,  if you want to change them leave them on the floor.

• Smoking is not allowed inside the apartments.

• All children, even if accompanied by parents must be carrying some identification, so that problems do not occur in the hosting process.

• The values expressed in the price lists are for the domestic currency (Real) and can also be paid in U.S. dollars converted in the establishment, the current rate of the day.

• In the area of the hotel and camping, nudity is optional and any clothing can be used. However, when entering the strip of sand should be total nudity, and one should respect the code of ethics established by the NGO Pinho Beach.
• Do not use inadequate equipment considered (appliances, extension cords and wires) that may cause damage to the complex.

• The voltage of electrical installations is 220 Voltz.

• Observe strict hygiene standards and mutual respect, it is not allowed to shock people with improper or unethical actions.

• Do not disturb the peace of the place in general, especially with noise and exaggerated sounds.

• It is considered the period of silence between 23:00 and 07:00 o´clock.

• You must use the ID provided by the Complex (ID bracelet), throughout your stay, under penalty of fine equal to the value of a daily fee. In case of recidivism, the guest can be removed from the inn.

• It is strictly prohibited to park the car anywhere else than the parking lot (for instance in the campsite).
• It is forbidden the use of firearms within the entire area of the complex, even if the holder is authorized for use in other locations.

• It is forbidden the use of complex dependencies to any other non-specific ive, such as any type of trade, unless there is permission from the Administration.

• It is forbidden to store drink or ice in refrigerators available in communal kitchens in the facilities. They are intended only to store perishable foods.

• The community kitchen is for common use. After use, do not leave your belongings on this site, so other guests can use the space.

• Any damage caused to the premises of the Complex, even if unintentionally, should be reported to the Administration and compensated by the guest.

• The Tourist Complex Praia do Pinho is not responsible for any damage or loss of items left in the area of the Complex or vehicles.

• The guest exempts the Complex from any harm to themselves or their dependents arising through the use of toys available at this property.

• The highest authority within the Complex is the receptionist on duty and the night watchman who requests the intervention of administrators whenever necessary.

• Any unethical attitude as harassing other visitors with inconvenient proposals of a sexual nature will lead to the expulsion of the perpetrator of the complex dependencies.

• Guest must notify the Administration about any irregularity.
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