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The International Naturist Federation - INF founded in 1953 in Montalivet, France adopted the following definition for the nature: “It is a way of life in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of nudism in group, which has the intention to promote self-respect, respect for others and care for the environment”.

Naturism is much broader than the simple fact of practicing nudism, it is a set of ethical and behavioral principles oriented by nature, aiming to establish a connection between a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally and the conservation of the environment, therefore, nudist practice, naturism main doctrinal foundation, should be the basis for a better quality of life and education including youth and children..

The practice of naturism makes every person to live in the most natural and spontaneous way as possible, without the standard features that move the majority of society. The naturism does not preach fashions, habits, or ideologies, only the right to freedom of expression and thought of its practitioners.


Brazilian Federation of Naturism - FBrN -

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